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Cornishman David, farms in partnership with his wife on a rented farm  in Monmouthshire.  They run the Govan herd of pedigree jersey cows.

He is chairman of Farmers For Action, (www.farmersforaction.org) the farmers lobbying group.  During the 2000 fuel crisis, in his role as chairman of FFA, he played a key role in negotiating between fuel protestors and government.  Also most importantly FFA campaigned long and hard during and after the Foot & Mouth epidemic for a public enquiry into the outbreak.  FFA work closely with all the major farming organisations. 

He was  the subject of two documentaries, screened on Channel 4, Milk Wars (highlighting  dairy farmers plight with low milk prices),and 6 days that shook Britain (which followed his involvement in the fuel protests).  He has also made many tv appearances most notably holding his own against  Jeremy Paxman during the fuel crisis. 


 David has twice been voted 'personality of the year' by readers of Farmers Weekly, received the Dairy Industry Award in 2005 and was awarded the prestigious RABDF Princess Royal Award for his services to the dairy industry, at Buckingham Palace in May 2007.

Most recently David organised The Farming to London March on 23 March 2016 which was sponsored by well over 40 agri companies/individuals and in which 3,000 farmers and supporters took part.

He is  is well known in farming circles as a charismatic and motivational speaker and his knowledge of the many facets of our industry are well known.

If you would like David to come along and speak at your event, please give us a ring on 01291 690224, Mob 07711194947 or e mail davidhandley@farmersforaction.org.


Co-ordinating the Farming to London March 2016


Addressing the Dairy Summit in 2012


Receiving the RABDF Award for services to the dairy industry in 2007 from HRH The  Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace, together with his wife, Marilyn.